10 copywriting tricks from a multi-trillion dollar company

A MacBook ad.

When you talk about Apple, I bet their iPhones, Macs, and Keynotes would come to your mind.

Yes, all the above are Apple’s genius works. But there is one more thing that people should consider as a work of art — their copywriting.

As a copywriter, I’m impressed by how…

Why getting fired is one of the best things that happened in my career.

The beginning of the end

“I’m tired of all the back-to-back pitches.”

I said softly to my Creative Director after being included in the pitch team four times in a row. I had hoped he understood my struggle and gave me a break.

“Tired of what? It just the usual pitches. Get used to it.”…

Knowing how to test and measure your copy is an essential skill.

After you finish writing the copy, how sure are you that your readers will understand it? Can they comprehend the message? What’s on their head when they read it?

No, your other fellow writers, product managers, product designers, and your VP don’t count. I mean your actual readers.

In this…

Setelah 90 tahun, sekarang sudah saatnya diupdate

Sumpah Pemuda, menurutku adalah salah satu produk yang cukup berhasil. Ia dapat bertahan selama 90 tahun, mulai dari zaman pra kemerdekaan sampai saat ini. Thanks to kurikulum pendidikan dan pemerintah yang terus mempromosikannya. Meskipun nggak semua orang hafal isinya, tapi hampir semua orang Indonesia tanpa sadar mengamalkannya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Apakah Sumpah Pemuda masih relevan?

I’m asking myself three times to be sure of my answer.

When you hear the word Islam, what comes to your mind?

A peace-loving religion means surrender or submission to God’s will in and on its golden age, their scholar gave a considerable contribution to science.


A violent religion full of terrors and still oppressing women’s rights until today?

Am I an Islamophobe?

It depends on what is Islam is on your mind. …

I will tell you why you need to

One day at the office.
Coworker: “Copy-nya buatin versi yang Bahasa Indo juga ya…”
Me: “Yeah, sure”

One fine day during traffic rage.
Friend: “Orang Indo tuh suka seenaknya sendiri kalo nyetir”
Me : “…”

Noticed something “not right” from the conversation above?

If you don’t notice something “not right”…


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